Our philosophy is to foster an environment of openness and respect, in which residents, family, friends and staff feel valued, and where each person's view counts. Our residents' independence, choice and dignity are respected above all else. We continually strive for excellence in providing the highest quality of care and services.

Residents are encouraged to make personal choices in their lifestyle through their individual care plan and yet are provided with plenty of assistance with everyday living. Home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, fruit and vegetables, are prepared on-site by our own chefs .The menus offer balanced nutrition and meet special dietary needs, where necessary. Activities include crafts, music, and house games. These take place in the sun lounge, leaving the other lounges available for TV viewing and relaxation.

We commission services for residents in entertainment, aromatherapy, hand massage and manicures. Hairdressing, dental, GP, optician, physiotherapy and chiropody service providers also visit the home regularly. Laundry services are provided in-house.